Adult/Corporate Show

Below is Jason's "corporate show" video, different than the video on the previous page.
(Video length is 5 minutes, 7 seconds long)

Please note that this is NOT a professionally produced video. This is real video shot at a real show for an Orthodontic banquet. Sometimes you can't see what is happening onstage, sometimes people walk in front of the camera but the whole time you will be able to HEAR how much fun the audience is having. I guarantee the same type of results for your group as well!

“Want To Make Your Next Corporate Event One That Everyone Will Talk About For Weeks To Come?! Everyone Will Be Amazed At The Incredbile Magic And Comedy And You’ll Get All The Applause For Making It Happen!”

"From the crowd's reaction and what I heard afterwards,
Jason's show was a fun, entertaining experience for everybody. We we
all pleased with Jason's fast-paced and witty show that
exceeded our expectations."

K.P. Lobbe, Chairman & CEO of BASF Corporation

If you are looking for entertainment to amaze and amuse your special guests, well, how about MAGIC! You see, Magic is very universal, meaning all ages and backgrounds enjoy it! Everyone likes to be impressed and amazed with things that seem impossible.

Best of all, if you want your guests to leave the event and remember what a great time they had, the key is to mix in some audience participation! During this CLEAN show, members of your audience will come onstage to make the magic happen, and that's is ALWAYS the most-talked about parts of the show! We pride ourselves on making ALL of our shows full of audience participation and involvement, amazing unique magic, and also a sprinkle of comedy and humor to make it even more fun.

 Here are the type of shows offered by Jason

The first is our Stand Up Show. This is a show approximately 30-40 minutes long (depending on what length you want) which includes amazing visual magic, audience participation, comedy, and much more. I create the show just for you and it is guaranteed to leave your guests laughing and in total wonderment!

If you’re planning a trade show, allow us to help! Jason Hudy performs magic right on the aisle of your trade show booth and draws prospective clients and customers into the booth like Magic! We can even weave your company’s products/services and benefits/features into the tricks to give your sales message in a fun way. Typically, most clients have us throughout the whole show, and our pricing is based on a 6 hour performance time (with shows lasting approx. 10 minutes each-running once or twice an hour). You’ll stand out at the show and will walk away with more leads and sales!

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